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Thread: Band Hero & GH5 Issues

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    Band Hero & GH5 Issues

    Hey all,

    Not sure if this problem has been discussed haven't been able to find it.

    My problem is that when loading Band Hero or Guitar Hero 5 from CFG Loader v70 using 249. Guitar Hero will crash loading the main menu and Band Hero will be stuck continuously trying to load the main menu. I never had this problem as they were working perfectly fine until i added Guitar Hero III to my USB back ups.

    I removed Guitar Hero III from my HDD but the problem still persists. However I did discover that if i removed USB LAN adapter for my internet connection the games will load up fine. I haven't updated anything for a couple of weeks.

    So I'm hoping one you may be able to grasp he problem i'm dealing with.


    Band Hero/GH5 working fine til adding GHIII to HDD, after removing GHIII problem persists, removed LAN adapter from usb port, games work fine again.

    Thanks in adavance.


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    Please use cIOS 222 - follow this thread.

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    thanks man, i'll have a look into it

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    awesome, just followed the guide and its all sorted. loads up fine with my lan adapter connected huge thanks to both of you for the help.

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    ok now for some reason they have stop working again, i hadn't updated anything and from what i gather when i remove the lan adapter it will work like i said above. It also works when i'm connected using wifi but my router and wii is very unstable and randomly disconnects so using the lan adatper is something i cant just stop doing. Anybody have any ideas? also tried the cios 223 w/ 38 merged with 37 with the same results.


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