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Thread: Wasabi Zero Solderless Install Issues

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    Talking Wasabi Zero Solderless Install Issues

    Hi I just tried to install a Wasabi Zero Solderless on my US D2C Nintendo Wii. here is whats been going on so far,

    1st Email to ModChipCentral,

    "I just purchased a Wasabi Zero solder less mod chip from your company. I followed the direction to the letter for opening and closing the Wii. I installed the mod-chip. I tested it, and the Wii starts, the chip's green led turns on, but the drive wont power on. I cant put a disc in. I've tried restarting it, closing it and restarting, and the only way my drive will work is if the Wasabi Zero is removed. Also before closing the wii completely i noticed that the disc drive wouldn't sit evenly with the Wasabi's mod-clip plugged. To compensate i had to gently tighten each screw until it was stable. I was so happy to see the envelope in my mailbox, I never thought to ask myself what would happen if it didn't work. I just assumed that getting it was the hard part. I have a D2C Wii purchased before X-Mas of 2007. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance."

    1st reply from ModChipCentral,

    "Did you set the jumpers on the Wasabi chip for D2C as shown on"

    2nd email to ModChipCentral.

    "Hi my name is X could u please reply to the email address ( for future reference since I am the both the owner of the Wii and Wasabi Zero modchip, as well as the installer, This was a gift from Brittney. I followed every instruction exactly, the 1st switch up for US, 2nd down, 3rd up for D2C (or down for D2C2, it tried both) and the 4th down. I have also done some research on previous wasabi incarnations and they seem to have a similar problem, which would commonly be repaired with soldering to the f point. I have no interest in soldering anything to my Wii since I have an extended warranty. Please help, I am afraid to open my Wii again for fear of bricking my system. I just want a simple solution (the same reason I chose the Wasabi Zero). I think the problem is the Clip, since it doesn't allow the drive to sit evenly I am assuming that it must be defective. I mean there really is only one place for it to go, so it should sit comfortably in the space allowed.On a side note I love the way the wasabi chip looks, this is my first mod chip, but I definitely looks like a quality product. Please help it live up to my expectations. US D2C wii + 3.4U fw + Wasabi Zero Solderless = :-( ."

    2nd reply from ModChipCentral,

    For D2C, the 3rd switch has to be down and not up so that is your issue.

    As to the F point you are speaking of, that is for the Wasabi V3 with V5 Wiiclip which is a completely different product than what you have.

    3rd email to ModChipCentral,

    I clearly said that I tried both, and neither up nor down made any difference. And if you look at the diagram on the Wasabi chip itself (and website) D2C2 is shown as down, and D2C is up. I also stated that "in previous incarnations the f point was the issue" I repeat "previous versions" of the Wasabi not the Wasabi Zero modchip. I am not an idiot, I understand what words mean. If you guys aren't going to take this seriously I want a refund. I haven't heard of anyone getting the Wasabi clip to work, and I have clearly stated soldering is not an option, so where does that leave us?

    (I also attached the diagram from Wasabi.)

    3rd email from ModChipCentral,

    Sorry, I must have completely overlooked when you said you tried it both up and down. I even read the e-mail twice since it was fairly long and hard to read as it was 1 big paragraph so I do apologize about that.

    Yes, that was in "previous versions" which has nothing to do with the Wasabi Zero as there is not an F point at all on the Wasabi Zero clip.

    If you still cannot get it to work in the end, we can exchange it for you.

    4th email to ModChipCentral,

    thats fine, i would like to exchange it. how do we go about doing this? It seems that everyone is having clip issues over at Check it out if u get a chance.

    Finally got my Wasabi replacement from Modchipcentral today, and to my surprise they threw in a Authentic WiiClip with it, instead of the wasabi stock clip. I installed it with the provided sticker and wiiclip card. and everything works perfectly. The Wasabi Config Disc works, originals work, but my backups do not. But its not the Wasabi's fault, I burned a bunch of shit with bad DVDs while i was waiting for my chip to arrive long before i did any install research. Now I just need to get my hands on some Verbatims. Bwahaha!
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    I just bought a Wasabi Zero as well... i will be following this thread intently...

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    same here for your thread buddy.

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    Hi guys...i just installed a zero today , i first tried the clip and had the exact same issues with it , from what i can see if you don't get the clip on straight first try it will bend like cheese and pretty much wreck it because the pins are so small to try and fix. I too had green light, no boot or eject. I took it off and threw the clip aside and wired in the zero with 30 awg wire , it works flawless, boots riped games like originals,hardwiring is a much more solid mod anyway. If you guys need any help let me know , by the way i'm running 3.4 U firmware on my wii and the zero is running strong with it, at least on the few games i've tried today. I posted a pic a few posts down .

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    are they (your reseller) going to reimburse you for the clip? Without the clip it like 15 bucks cheaper. Also I wanted to use a properly functioning clip so I dont void my warranty.

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    Tried a solderless install of the Wasabi Zero today... got a solid red light. Lame. :P

    I never got it too stick correctly either. :P I'll try later.
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    I am in the same boat as prophour.
    Wasabi Zero installed, seemed to work. But the chip / clip is too big. If I try to screw the drive back in it must move the clip and and my drive goes lame. It wont accept or eject discs.

    I am very VERY disappointed!

    Let me know via post ot PM if Modchipscentral does anything about it. I got mine from Canadamods.

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    Quote Originally Posted by str8shooter1 View Post
    I am in the same boat as prophour.
    Wasabi Zero installed, seemed to work. But the chip / clip is too big. If I try to screw the drive back in it must move the clip and and my drive goes lame. It wont accept or eject discs.

    I am very VERY disappointed!

    Let me know via post ot PM if Modchipscentral does anything about it. I got mine from Canadamods.
    That happened to me too.

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    Cero, what did u do?
    anything yet?

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    Quote Originally Posted by str8shooter1 View Post
    Cero, what did u do?
    anything yet?
    I'm gonna try tomorrow. :P I finally got it to stick on a spare drive though.

    Make sure the tape on the chip isn't making the chip too thick or it'll push the clip off.

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