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Thread: Configurable USB Loader - Installation and Settings [GUIDE]

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    Configurable USB Loader - Installation and Settings [GUIDE]

    Configurable USB Loader v70

    by oggzee, usptactical, gannon and Dr.Clipper

    [spoiler=READ ME FIRST!!!!!]
    Configurable USB Loader (CFG) allows you to rip and play your backed-up Wii games using an external USB drive.

    !!!It is recommended that you have the latest d2x cIOS installed to get the best game compatibility!!!
    Get it from HERE and follow the recommended configuration.

    CFG will function correctly only if you have a compatible and properly formatted USB Drive. There are three different formats that CFG will read:

    • WBFS - This was the first file format that worked with USB loaders. Macs/PCs cannot natively read this format, therefore a special program such as WBFS Manager is needed in order to format and load games onto this type of drive. WBFS format is not the recommended format for a few reasons. There have been known to be slight instabilities when removing games from the drive, and also you cannot use the drive for anything other than Wii games.
    • FAT32 - This is the recommended format for USB loading. Take a look at our [GUIDE]Fat32. It will tell you how to properly format and load games onto your drive. You can also load all of your Homebrew apps from a drive formatted as Fat32. The only disadvantage to fat32 is that it does not support file sizes above 4GB. You will need to use a program such as WiiBackup Manager, which will split any games that are larger than that.
    • NTFS - This is the default format shipped on most external drives. While this may be the easiest to use straight out of the box, there are a few disadvantages. NTFS drives cannot load homebrew apps, is not supported for advanced features (such as nand emulation), and there have been reports of problems with case sensitivity in conjuction with using CFG.
      If the above things do not bother you, then NTFS is a great option. Take a look at our NTFS Guide.

    This version of the loader allows you to customize numerous options to better suit your preferences.
    - SDHC and USB HDD device support
    - GUI and Console mode (switchable runtime)
    - Background Music (.mp3 or .mod)
    - Themes (switchable runtime)
    - Widescreen (auto-detect)
    - Transparency (covers and console)
    - Cover images download
    - Cover styles: 2d, 3d, disc
    - Automatic resize of covers
    - Renaming game titles (using titles.txt)
    - Per game configuration of Video mode, Language, Ocarina cheating
    - Light up DVD slot when install finishes, optional eject
    - Childproof and parental guidance
    - USB HDD with multiple partitions supported (WBFS for games and FAT for config, covers and other resources)
    - SDHC with multiple partitions supported (WBFS for games and FAT for resources...)
    - Custom IOS selection for better compatibility with USB drives and other USB devices.
    - cIOS supported: waninkoko's 247, 248, 249 & 250, Hermes 222, 223, 224 (mload) v4,v5, kwiirk 222 & 223 (yal)
    - Banner Sounds
    - Loading games from .wbfs or .iso files on a FAT or NTFS partition
    (with waninkoko cios rev18+ or hermes cios v4+)
    - Loading games from DVD
    - WiitDB support for info, sorting and filtering of games
    - Configurable[/spoiler]
    The instructions and file paths listed in this guide are assuming that you are installing CFG to an SD card. If you are already set up and want to load this app from a fat32 usb drive, simply replace SD with USB in the instructions.

    Download from HERE and extract the contents directly to the root of your SD card.

    If you have opted to use an NTFS formatted drive, navigate to the SD/usb-loader folder and add the following lines to the config.txt file:
    ntfs_write = 1
    fat_split_size = 0

    Insert your SD card into your Wii, insert your USB device into the outermost (bottom) usb port, and then launch CFG from the Homebrew Channel.

    CFG automatically builds some configuration files when it is loaded for the first time. You may be prompted to select your device and partition (if you have multiple partitions on your HDD).
    IMPORTANT - Make sure you select the device and partition that you will be using to load and play your games!

    When at the main CFG screen, point your remote toward the bottom of the screen to bring up the menu bar and select "settings". Select "Save" to save your selection of device and partition.
    *NOTE: Any time you make changes to the configuration of ANYTHING in CFG, you MUST go back to "Settings" and "Save Settings" in order to keep the changes.

    Congrats! You have just installed CFG!!!!
    [spoiler=Forwarder Channel Installation]
    If you would like to launch CFG directly from your Home screen instead of having to navigate to the Homebrew Channel first, you can install the forwarder channel. The forwarder channel will work only if you have already installed CFG correctly on either your SD or fat32 USB device.

    Download the forwarder channel from HERE and extract it directly to the sd/wad folder. Install using the Wad Manager in MMM.

    The forwarder also requires you have IOS58 installed. If you are unsure if you have it or not, follow the instructions in the IOS Manager section of the MMM guide linked to above to check/install it.
    [spoiler=Global Settings]
    Press - on your Wii Remote to access the Main Menu. Alternatively some of these features can be found by holding your cursor at the top and bottom of the screen. Don't forget that in order to save any changes, you MUST go to "Settings", then click "Save Settings"
    • Favorites - If you marked certain games as favorites, use this to turn viewing of these games only On or Off
    • Profile - If you have set up different user profiles, this allows you to select which one to load. (Advanced Feature using the CFGLoaderConfigurator in the sd:/usb-loader folder)
    • Sort Type - After selecting, you will be given a list of the different ways that you can sort your games.
    • Sort Order - Sort the games ascending or descending
    • Filter - Multiple options here as to how you want to filter out games to be viewed. Play around with this one, it's pretty cool Don't forget that you must select "Show All" in order to clear the sort features.
    • Open Sort - A smaller sorting selection that fits on one screen

    [spoiler=Style]These settings control how your games appear in CFG. Mess around and find out what you like best!
    If you have downloaded any themes, this is where you can change them. (more info about themes later in the guide)[/spoiler]
    • Download Missing Covers, Download All Covers - self explanatory - downloads the covers for your games.
    • WiiTDB Game Database - updates the cover list from WiiTDB
    • Download titles.txt - updates the title names from WiiTDB - CFG must be restarted for this change to take effect
    • Download Themes - Get yourself some cool themes for CFG here!
    • Program Updates - A lot of releases of CFG can be found here. It is not recommended to update or downgrade to any betas, as they are still in testing. Only update to versions that say (release).

    • Info - Tells you all about the version of CFG you are running, what IOS it is loading from, as well as details about the IOS base and version.
      At the bottom of this screen you see the three options - Basic, IOS, and Debug.
      Basic - shows all of the above info.
      IOS - shows all installed cIOS that you can load games using.
      Debug - you will probably never use this unless you are a developer or are attempting to report a bug.
    • View - same as the View in the spoiler above
    • Style - same as the Syle in the spoiler above
    • System - Important: If everything is working correctly, DO NOT change anything in this section.
      Device: Select how you are loading your games - use the Dpad to move left or right to select USB or SD
      Partition: Select the partition # on your drive that you are using for your games.
      Wiird: For cheat codes - Cheating is not supported by WiiHacks. Dont ask us how to use this.
      Gamer Card: Enables or disables the reading of the message board to add info to your gamercard (if you have one set up). Google Wii Gamercard for more info. This is homebrew based only, and from what I can tell hasn't made it much out of beta.

    [spoiler=Admin Lock: Read This]If the loader is configured with restricted functionality it can be unlocked
    with a password - a "secret" wiimote button combination. Restricted functionality
    means any of the options: "simple" or "disable_*" or "hide_game" are set, which is
    usually used for "Parental Control".

    When admin mode is unlocked it will allow you to access all the previously
    locked functionality. In addition: when unlocked, any games that are hidden
    with the hide_game option will be displayed.

    To access the unlock screen, hold the 1 button down for 5 seconds and the screen
    will appear. After you see the text "Enter Code:", press the wiimote buttons
    in the correct order. If you were successful, the word SUCCESS will appear
    on the screen. Otherwise the word LOCKED! will appear. The unlock screen has a 30
    second timeout limit so if an incorrect (or no) password is entered, it will
    automatically lock. To set the lock back on with the original settings intact, hold
    the 1 button for 5 seconds and the lock will automatically turn on. When the loader
    is started, the lock will always be enabled.

    This functionality is controlled by the option: admin_unlock = [1], 0.
    By default it is enabled. To disable the ability to unlock admin mode set
    the option to: admin_unlock = 0

    The default admin unlock password is: BUDAH12
    To change it, use the config option: unlock_password = [BUDAH12]
    The password length is limited to 10 characters. Do NOT use quotes around the
    password - just type what you want it to be. E.g. unlock_password = 12UDAB
    The following are the button to letter mappings for the password:
    D-Pad Up: U
    D-Pad Down: D
    D-Pad Right: R
    D-Pad Left: L
    B button: B
    A Button: A
    Minus button: M
    Plus button: P
    Home button: H
    1 button: 1
    2 button: 2

    To hide certain games, use the the Game Options screen and toggle the "Hide Game"
    setting. This allows you to set which games are hidden when the admin mode is LOCKED.
    In order to see this option, admin_unlock must be enabled (which it is by default) AND
    the admin mode must be in an unlocked state!
    - NOTE: this functionality completely replaces the hide_game option in config.txt,
    but they CAN be used together. Any games currently listed in hide_game will be
    shown when unlocked, but will ALWAYS be marked as hidden by default in Game Options
    and cannot be changed to unhidden unless they are removed from config.txt
    - NOTE 2: An easy way to convert all your games in hide_game to this new functionality
    is to start the loader with your hide_game still in config.txt and then go into
    Game Options in any game (you may have to unlock admin lock first) and change
    something and save it. All your hide_game entries will automatically be saved.
    Then you can remove the hide_game entry completely from config.txt.
    Source HERE
    • Updates - same as the Updates in the spoiler above

    Use this to install a game from your original disc to the HDD. Alternatively you can press the + button at any time when at the main CFG screen to access this feature. This only works for Wii Games. As of present time you cannot rip or load GC games from a USB HDD[/spoiler]
    [spoiler=Boot disc]
    Selecting this option will launch the disc that is currently in your Wii.[/spoiler]
    [spoiler=Console] Shows a scrollable list of all your installed games. From here you can launch any game, change the individual game settings (to be discussed later in this guide), and add (using the + button) or delete (using the - button) any game from your drive.
    This screen also shows the year the game was released, the developer, parental rating, number of players, online playing capability, and max online players.[/spoiler]
    [spoiler=About]Imagine that...this tells you about the version of CFG you are using, and of course the credits to all the awesome people that made this loader possible[/spoiler][/spoiler]
    [spoiler=Launching Games and Changing Individual Game Settings]
    Hover your cursor over or use the Dpad to select the game you want to start and press A. On this screen you will see your game on the left with some other settings on the right. Most of these settings you will never have to mess with
    • Start - Starts the game...duhhhhh
    • Cover - If your game cover is missing, click this button to download it.
    • Info - Gives you all the info about your game - Title ID, Size, IOS it runs from, Release Year, Developer, # of Players, Supported Controllers, and a synopsis of the game!
    • Manage - Allows you to set the game as a favorite, download covers, manage cheats (again, dont ask how), or delete the game from your drive.

    • Language - Select your language
    • Video - If having troubles with video in the game, try setting this to your tv input
    • Video Patch - Primarily useful for games that should display in 480p but don't. Only turn on if you know or have been told you need to.
    • VIDTV - Required by some games, especially Japanese games to get fonts working. Again, only change if you need to.
    • Country Fix - Can provide better compatibility with some games, especially PAL games on NTSC consoles
    • IOS - This defaults to the IOS that CFG loads from. In this guide, CFG loads IOS249. If you have a game that requires an IOS with a different base, this is where you change it.
      Example- COD:MW3 needs an IOS with a base of 57. If you followed the d2x cIOS installation guide or the Softmod ANY Wii guide, the IOS with a base of 57 is installed in slot 250. Change the IOS for THIS GAME ONLY to 250, hit "Back", then "Save".
    • Block IOS Reload - Required by some games, but only works with IOS 222-mload and 223-mload. Recommended to leave this set to "Auto" unless otherwise told to change it.
    • Alt dol - RARELY required. Recommended to leave this set to "off" unless otherwise told to change it. Some games require a different .dol to be loaded at various points in the game. Motion plus games ran for the first time is an example. Follow the game guides on this site to determine if you need to ever change this.
    • Anti 002 Fix - not required if you are using d2x cIOS.
    • Ocarina (cheats) - Dont ask - we don't support cheating.
    • Hook Type - for cheating - Dont ask - we dont support cheating.
    • Write Playlog - Enables correct logging in the Wii message board about the game you are playing. If you have set up your Wii to bypass the System Menu and autoboot to HBC or CFG, this will not work and must be set to "off"
    • Clear Patches - Disables the dvd patch and return to channel. Only enable this if needed (i.e.Prince of Persia if loading from 222)



    [spoiler=Credits]oggzee, usptactical, gannon and Dr.Clipper for writing this great app, Krank for the original guide and inspiring me to write another one, pob3008 for his fat32 guide, nancy for d2x and wiibackup manager guides, and the great mauifrog for Softmod ANY Wii![/spoiler]


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    Thanks for this. Had to switch to this cause USB Loader GX would always give me a black screen. Hope this fixs it.

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    usb loader not showing iso files on my ntfs drive

    Quote Originally Posted by SoChill View Post
    Thanks for this. Had to switch to this cause USB Loader GX would always give me a black screen. Hope this fixs it.
    hi thank you for your guide.
    i have now installed the usb loader and have tried the flash drive formatted to wbfs and it's working fine.
    now i want to use my ntfs drive so i loaded it with several iso files and clicked usb loader. it did open but it's not showing any of the iso files. it's just blank.

    some advice here please

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    Did you follow the NTFS guide when you set up your drive?

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    my ntfs drive

    Quote Originally Posted by cjizzle View Post
    Did you follow the NTFS guide when you set up your drive?
    my hdd is a WD 500 G, it is factory formatted to ntfs.

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    Quote Originally Posted by thuthukoko View Post
    my hdd is a WD 500 G, it is factory formatted to ntfs.
    Well, thats good and all, but there is a reason why we have an NTFS guide, and it is linked to in the very first spoiler of this thread. Take a look at it and you will find your answer!

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    My games load and work great, but when I try to download covers it says an exception (DSI) occured! Then it releoads in 60 seconds with no covers still. How can I fix this?

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    Quote Originally Posted by jrjr6565
    My games load and work great, but when I try to download covers it says an exception (DSI) occured! Then it releoads in 60 seconds with no covers still. How can I fix this?
    Is your Wii properly configured to connect to the web?

    Sent with WiiHacks app, that should explain any typos 8-p

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    Have done the fat32 transfer from WBFS partition the games show up in the loader but with no covers and i cant get the wii connected to the net,,,where must i put the covers in what directory structure on the usb ?????

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    I believe the default path is sd/usb-loader/covers. In that folder there are four folders, 3d, cache, full, and disc. Get your covers from wiitdb and put them in the appropriate folder. Actually you can have your covers anywhere by simply changing the cover paths in CFG's settings.

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