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Thread: Guide: How To Install A WiiClip

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    Guide: How To Install A WiiClip

    Guide: How To Install A WiiClip
    by e39
    January 12, 2008

    I am not liable for any damages incurred to your Wii console. The guide's user takes full responsibility for their actions.

    Please use your head.
    - If a screw isn't coming out, don't spin your screw driver into it until the head strips.
    - If you see cables, don't put anything sharp close to it.
    - Don't leave your console plugged into a wall outlet.
    - Don't leave your console attached to your TV.
    - Don't leave the sensor bar attached to the Wii.
    - Be organized with your screws. They're tiny. I have no idea where you can get more if you lose them.
    - Don't work on a carpeted surface. Static shock can travel and damage the components.

    The purpose of this thread is to display the proper installation of a WiiClip onto the Wii console. Also, it is can be used as an addition to the disassemble guide.

    A set of clean hands

    The disassemble guide left you off at this point.

    As you can see, the WiiClip is ready for fitting. There are no drive chip pin obstructions and everything looks good.

    Fit the clip onto the drive chip.

    Use a small bit of pressure to make sure that the clip "pops" into place. No need for GI Joe kung-fu grip. No need for gorilla hands. Just press to make sure the clip has seated properly into place.

    Take another look around, make sure there's no severe gaps.

    Remember the goofy looking Super Mario Bros 3 card that came packed with the clip? It's functional.

    Remove the perforated section and fit the card over the clip.

    This will prevent electrical shorts. The card will shield against modchip metal to Wii internal metal contact.

    If you found this guide to be useful, please hit the in the corner. User feedback keeps me motivated!
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    that chip u show to clip on to is not in my wii

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    many thanks...........well presented.

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    dank u: thats dutch for thanks!!!

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