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Thread: Wiiflow NTFS

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    Wiiflow NTFS

    this is what happened i use wiiflow running on 249 on my softmodded wii and i have a 2 gb fat32 SD card and a 8 GB WBFS USB and i had like 3 games on it and everything is fine
    but when i decided i wanted to put CoD MW3 i deleted all the other games and it worked fine on ios 224.
    but my family wants more games on my 8gb usb and there is no space so i look in yhe internet and find out i can use a NTFS HDD so i got my 500GB HDD and used wii manager to create a wbfs file with no sub..... (i forgot what is the name) and put my 13 games on it took about 15 min and until now everything is nice and smooth
    but when i try putting my HDD on the wii and running wiiflow it takes like 2 min on the wiiflow loading screen then it gives me 2 options either to install a game or select partition and when i try to select partition the only available partition is SD
    this is the path for CoD MW3 HDD:/WBFS/SM8E52_Modern_Warfare_3_US_EN/SM8E52
    i dont know what to do please help

    and by the way i made the HDD active so now it shows healthy primary active
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