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Thread: control problem

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    control problem

    I have a 4.3U wii with letterbomb since December, it freezing with some games. one day when it freezing, i turn off and the next day not work the controls. I tried to give sync, but does not work. if anyone knows how to fix the problem would appreciate it.

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    Sounds like it could be a bad bt module, but try to reset the remote and clear the syncs first. Take the batteries out of your remotes and dont put them back in for at least 60 seconds. At the health and warning screen (dont press A) hold in the sync button on the console for at least 15 seconds. Then press the sync button on your remote. While the lights are flashing on your remote quickly push the sync button again on the console. Your controller should sync.

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    if you have multiple remotes try another remote as well..... as it could be a bad wiimote

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