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Thread: people are stupid

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    people are stupid

    sometimes i really thing people are stupid,or maybe i am, so i downloaded a game last night yeah i do that once in awhile, i burn the image as ive done before,i put the game in my Ntsc-u wii load up back loader hit load game,
    next thing i know theres the dreaded tv selection your tv needs the be changed, freakin idiot that dumped the game put it on a ntsc site as just that when its a Pal game.crapp ola now i have a burned pal game that seems to work, anyone want it lol,

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    I hate that. 99% of the time, the dump is just fine ... the other 1% you wish you ran Region Frii on it.

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    i dont mind that personally, its when people have all these gifts, but decide they wont use them and just ask for help

    i dont mind helping ANYONE *besides Celeste* who tries first....

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    People wanna be spoon fed. I see that on all the informational forums I go to. Heck I see it in real life. No one wants to be bothered with looking.

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