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Thread: Emulator issues

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    Emulator issues

    Hey everyone!

    First I wanted to thank everyone that helped out modding my virgin Wii that I bought. I finally got the homebrew channel on there working, and I have been looking around and trying out a few things. However i had a few questions:

    1) Sometimes, when I am downloading something from the homebrew channel, the Wii freezes up forcing me to do a hard reboot. Is this normal? I looked it up on the forums and i found something about "beta 9" and something about it fixing some SD card bug. Do I need that? If so, where do I get it? how would I install it?
    2) I have a metric ton of emulator games on my computer, and I was wondering if it was possible to play my emulator stuff (as well as backup Wii games) while still being stored on my PC. Like maybe over the network or something. Is this possible? I searched the forums and found some stuff but nothing concrete. I saw something about samba / SMB, but I wasnt really sure what that was or how it worked. Do need this? If so where do I get it / how do I install it? If not what would I use if anything? Do I have to use a USB devices for this?
    3) Can I go ahead and get a bigger SD card for my Wii? Do I have to continue to use the 2 gig that I bought? If I can get another one and use it, do I have to transfer the files from the old to the new one?

    I know these are a lot of questions guys, and any and all help would be appreciated.

    Thank you in advance.


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    I have some issues with Homebrew Browser [assuming this is what you meant] on occasion, but as you stated only sometimes.. I never use it anyways so it does not bother me. You are new to it, but give it a week and you'll see that the homebrew browser is not something you will be using very often - if ever.

    There is no way to stream the games over the network.

    Yes you can get a bigger SD card, and if your Wii is currently soft modded with everything working then you only need to copy over the files you want. There is nothing that will effect the functionality of your soft mod stored on the SD after you are 100% done.. unless you have specific files and whatnot that need to be there for certain homebrew/apps/games whatever but only you would know that.

    You may want to invest in an external HDD, though, as you can store all your roms there and play them via emulator. For example I have over 1000 games between SNES/GBA/Sega etc all stored on my 1TB HDD, and I play them from VBAgx/Snes9GX etc without issue.

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    i was going to reply but karl has said everything needed to be said. However if you get yourself wiimc that can use smb for video files to be played over network.


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