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Thread: Help To Update/Finish Existing Wii Softmod Setup?

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    Help To Update/Finish Existing Wii Softmod Setup?

    I've received a Wii console that has already been soft-modded. It was set up by a friend and all I have to do is finish the setup. I'm not 100% sure which method he used to soft-mod it, however, it was completed correctly as he played backup games from a HDD for awhile to test it before I received the console.

    I've did some research via the many Wii modding tutorials, and based on the info I also pulled from the Wii itself (that I assume would be helpful for anyone to help me), here is where I am:

    1) My Wii console version is 4.2U (based on the info in the settings menu)

    2) The Homebrew Channel is installed. Upon loading the channel it's blank with a blink "signal" icon blinking in the bottom lower right hand corner. The version info says 1.08 & IOS58 v23.30 "Network Not Installed"

    3) If I select BootMii the console just cycles and the power slot blinks but nothing happens.

    So where do I go from here? Do I need to update the softmod (as all of this was done about two years ago). Should the Homebrew Channel also be reinstalled/updated?


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    Follow the anywii guide in my signature. It will get you totally set to right. If you're on 4.2, you can use the bannerbomb exploit or if you prefer you can use the HBC already installed option. Follow the whole guide. Start to finish.

    If you want to read more, the newbies thread in my sig explains stuff in more detail.


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    Sounds great. I took a look at the tutorial and it has the option for folks in my position, who are starting with a soft-mod already installed.

    One quick question before I begin with the tutorial:

    I notice the Wii still has a lot of old save files and game profiles from where my friend used it. Id like to start clean and wipe all this out and have the opportunity to reset the console settings myself "the console nickname, etc...).

    Is there a way to do this? I notice there is an option in the Wii settings to wipe this data. Is this something I can do or should do with the soft-mod files already on there?


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