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Thread: Help with soft mod upgrade

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    Help with soft mod upgrade


    I used SoftMii 3.0 to soft mod my Wii ages ago! I haven't really used my Wii in a long time and wondered if I should "reapply" a new soft mod or do anything else e.g IOS/CIOS upgrade?

    I haven't performed any upgrades to the unit since doing the SoftMii 3.0 soft mod. The unit also has a old DC2Key chip in it also.

    a. Should I re-run another soft mod like HackMii - I was thinking of following this guy's instructions Step 1- HackMii - LetterBomb 4.3 - No Game Needed - YouTube
    b. What is the best hack to apply?
    c. Will the latest hack update IOS/CIOS? Don't really know what I should be running.

    I am a complete noob so some fool proof advice will be appreciated.

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    I would take a look at the Softmod Any Wii guide. It will bring you up to date with everything you need.

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