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Thread: Disc needs update to play?

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    Unhappy Disc needs update to play?

    Hello!I have a slight problem here I would like to ask about, and it is the fact that ever since I've softmodded my wii, I can play USB games fine, but to play discs I need to update. And when I did, I could play from the disc but CFG loader said IOS 249 was a stub! I reinstalled IOS 249,and the usb game worked fine, and when i wanted to play disc, i updated, and it's gone again! Is there a way to play both discs AND USB? Please help!

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    you need to block the updates in priiloader, when you updated it killed your softmod

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    If you don't have Priiloader on your Wii, you should get it.

    You can download it in the guide in my signature. It also explains how to install it.

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    Thanks for replying very quickly! Oh yes I do have Priiloader but when I block disc updates will i still be able to play that game? Oh and By the way, when I use CFGLoader to play a PAL game (my Wii is NTSC-U), it works perfectly, but when i return to home the screen turns blank? Any tips are greatly appreciated by me.

    Thank you!
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    Yes, your games will work if you softmodded correctly. If you want to understand why, read the newbies thread in my sig. When you buy out of region games, after you rip them, you have to force the video mode in your loader. If thats working, there are two places that control where it goes w/ home, but it shouldnt be specific to any game. First in config there is a return_to_title option where you can have it go wherever you like. Most folks who use this option set it to their loader's forwader. The second is in priiloader.

    Hope this helps.


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    Thanks a lot everyone and Blu for replying! I will try that out hopefully!

    Thank you!

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    Talking Thanks!

    Thank you everybody for posting and this problem has been resolved thanks to you guys!
    Thank you very very much!

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