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Thread: Configurable USB Loader gives MEMORY OVERLAP! Sometimes

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    Configurable USB Loader gives MEMORY OVERLAP! Sometimes


    Since my new USB 3.0 hard drive is giving me problems booting the usb loader from the HDD, i changed the partition to NTFS and im using a SD Card to boot the Usb Loader. And i suppose the covers cant be stored on NTFS USB drive..i think.
    But now im having a little problem, when starting the games, sometimes gives me a error saying : Memory Overlap! ...doing that 3 or 4 times...and then the game starts with no problem. im using the USB Loader boot.dol 222, and launching the games with IOS=250. Dont have a clue if im doing things right.

    Can anyone help me out?

    Thank you
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    Try using a different USB loader. Also, post a syscheck (it will help us help you).

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