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Thread: Never did a NAND Backup, Questions..

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    Never did a NAND Backup, Questions..

    Hi all, been using my modded wii for about 2 weeks an loving it. I skipped this steph because I was being noob. Question is,

    How do I go back an do this?

    Can I do this now without having to start over?

    If I dont have this and dont delete anything stupid do I even need to do it?

    Thanks again

    Love the site an all the help on here BTW

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    Just launch bootmii from the HBC and follow the steps in the ANY Wii guide to do your backup. It is good to have just in case anything crazy happens. You may not do anything stupid to your wii, but are you sure no one else will? Also, if you ever want to mess with nand emulation you will need it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by maikhorma View Post
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    HAHA!!!! I gave that to him

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    I made this same mistake 2 years ago when 1st modding, horrible idea, always make a backup, and a backup of that backup lol


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