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Thread: DSIxl updated to 1.4.3 by my son with AceKard2i

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    DSIxl updated to 1.4.3 by my son with AceKard2i

    Hi everyone, I have looked and cant find anything that I consider to be what has happened to my sons dsixl. So I am posting here to get some advice, if there is a thread that I missed please feel free to rip me a new one and post the link. I am frustrated and I am at the point where I just need to ask for help.

    My son has an acekard2i and a dsixl. He asked me to remove the parental lock on it so he could use the wifi for something called flip something. So I took off the lock and off he went. Two days later he told me his dsixl wasnt working. I took a look at it and realized it was the card not functioning. I asked him if he updated and he said that he might have. Well he did. So I downloaded the update for the 1.4.3, and the newest akaio . I dropped both to the root of sd: and I still have the black error screen. I have read the tut and the read me files of the updates, but they are really not as clear as they need to be. I am not sure where to run the update, or even how. Also is it even possible to fix it now that he updated? Thanks...Chris

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    To make the flashcard work again you need to find a dsi or any ds with a firmware 1.4.2 or lower; run the .nds updater thru the flashcard.

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