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Thread: SNES9X and boot .dol from channel?

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    SNES9X and boot .dol from channel?

    Ok, first question I have, is there a way to have a settings.xml file with snes9x after you have installed it as a .wad? I can't for the life of me figure it out...

    Second question, is there a way to make a wad that will boot a .dol file from the sd card? I'm trying to make this easy one the GF and kids to play old games, and I don't want to make them load it through the homebrew channel if I don't have to...

    Thanks in advance,

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    I've never done it, but I know there's an SNES 9X channel.


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    I realize there is an snes9x channel, I have it installed... however, when you install it as a channel, I do not know where to put the settings file...


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    I have the same question, I installed the wad for the snes channel and when i try to open it, it by default always tries to load roms from the SD card, but when i access the emulater thru homebrew, my usb load settings are intact. How do you apply those settings to the channel?

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    Download a forwarder... just search snes9x forwarder... then leave the dol files on the sd card... If you are having issues, look around on I think that is where I found mine...



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