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Thread: od issue...

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    od issue...

    hey guys i did a wii black last year on 4.3u

    last week he called me and said that he can't play games anymore..

    so i have it here and the odd thing is that he is missing the icons? home brew-usbloader_gx..

    but i can still load up priiloader..

    and the settings were set to ennable block updates..

    so in priiloader i press boot to homebrew and it says not installed..and when i try to bootmii it just gives me a white page..

    so i tried to re install with letterbomb..when i click the lettre the wii freezes??

    how can i get it all back to working..

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    Download THIS and put it on the root of your sd card. Then download the hackmii installer from HERE and extract the folder to the apps folder on the sd card. Launch priiloader, go to settings, and change autoboot: to File and return to: Priiloader, save your settings then reboot your Wii. MMM should load. Go to app manager and try to launch the hackmii installer from there. If you are successful, dont forget to go back and change the autoboot back to whatever you want the wii to boot to.

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    cool thx!i will try it out tonight.

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    ok so the autoboot dint in priiloader i installed the mmm.dol the access't it in the installed i got my homebrew to see the rest..thx


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