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Thread: No internet ,no connecting to wii shop

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    No internet ,no connecting to wii shop

    I have a wii I brought from someone with homebrew on it when I go into the wii settings it says Ver. 4.3E
    The problem is everytime I click on shop it tells me to update when I try update it says error I can't get onto the Internet channel because there ain't one, it plays games perfectly though! However also
    When I click the homebrew channel nothing happens it just says 1.0.8 IOS v255.255
    What should I do is there a way to solve this?

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    The error I get when clicking update is error code : 32007

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    No need to update anyway, your wii has the latest firmware

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    Quote Originally Posted by justmichelle View Post
    The error I get when clicking update is error code : 32007
    You are getting that error because priiloader is blocking the update. Which is good, you do not want to update. You probably just need to update your shop channel.

    Do you have an sd card or external hdd with apps on it? You can post a system check so we can see what you have installed on your wii. If you don't know how, there is a link in the spoiler below. \/

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    I managed to update it and it's working perfectly now thank you for your help.


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