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Thread: Need help removing softmod

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    Need help removing softmod

    Long time no post, but today I need help to remove my softmod from my Wii.

    Reason why I'm doing this is that it's been a bit tough for me during the past weeks and the few bucks I can get from selling my Wii would greatly help me.

    I do not want to sell a softmodded Wii to Gamestop because I really don't want anyone going through a hassle removing it, so I'll remove it my self.

    I could really use this information before I have to leave to go to work in about an hour, that's when I'll be selling my Wii to put gas in my car to be able to get to work.

    Thanks everyone in the community for your help, I hope to be able to get back in the modding scene some other time when things aren't that tough for me.


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    Theres a guide: Remove Softmod From ANY Wii it has egerything you need

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