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Thread: netflix on a chipped wii?

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    netflix on a chipped wii?

    hey im new here and know very little about wii's. when wiis first came out my sister got one and her bf at the time put a chip in so we could play games he burnt, she now wants to download netflix onto it but it wants me to update to get on the wii shop channel. can i update? if not how can i get netflix? Im not to worried about being able to play burnt games on it anymore nobody really plays the burnt games anyways.

    any help would be great.

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    I'm in a similar situation, I have a softmod wii using the 4.3 softmod guide from here. To add netflix (or anything) via the shop I have to update. Is there a way around having to update or is it possible to update just the shop preserving my softmod?

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    There are 2 guides on this site that will help you... You can use the search bar to find them

    1. Update Shop Channel

    2. Netflix for Dummies

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    Thanks mate, much apprectaied. For the lazy people, here's the link to updating the shop channel I found


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