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Thread: Black Screen Launching HBC/SD from BootMii + Other Concerns

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    Black Screen Launching HBC/SD from BootMii + Other Concerns

    hey all

    this isn't something i've been concerned about for a long time as everything else works fine but have started thinking maybe something isn't right. since i've installed bootmii as boot2 out of the 4 options when i load it up (Wii, HBC, SD, Settings) the Wii and Settings work fine but if i try to launch HBC or SD it'll load a black screen and freeze until i switch the power off w/power button. So i'm unsure as to why that is. (i don't have priiloader if that helps)

    also the past month, my wii is crashing/freezing more frequently than it used to, mainly when trying to launch CFG Loader. It'll just freeze on a black screen, again not sure if thats a bad sign or what but i'm sure the pro's on this site may be able to give me an insight.

    one more that may help is i'm on system 4.3 and updated that accidentally using black ops around january last year but HBC and bootmii and all cIOS's had remained after it was updated apart from cIOS 249. i just reinstalled it needed without a problem. So i don't understand why after updating to 4.3 using the blacks ops disc all that was removed was cIOS 249. i even updated again to see and the same thing happened.

    Thanks in advance.

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    I'm going to presume nobody knows about what experiencing.

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    When you take an update from Nintendo it stubs your cIOS and ruins your softmod. You need priiloader to block disc updates and online updates.

    Follow the softmod any wii guide in the spoiler below to update your softmod. NEVER UPDATE FROM THE BIG N.


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