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Thread: Neogamma Backup help. Please for the love of god i have tried all day.

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    Neogamma Backup help. Please for the love of god i have tried all day.

    Hey guys, thanks for looking at my thread. I just signed up today because i really need your help. All day i have been trying to get NeoGamma R9 b56, IOS249 <---Is that right? 249?) to play my burned gamecube games. I just updated my wii to 4.3u because i needed to connect to the internet, i re-modded it with Letterbomb, got homebrew all set up, and now when i go to play a game i get the "Disc Error 00053000" Then it sais "DVD-R + no CIOS!" Allow me to give you a little background information.

    1. I have installed IOS236
    2. When i try to install IOS249 my wii remote turns itself off, i can't get that installed.
    3. I am burning it to Verbatim DVR+R 16x
    4. I have tried changing the booktype to DVD-R in Imgburn to see if that would work but i cant figure out what my god forsaken disk drive type is.
    5. I cant even run a proper syscheck because homebrew cant find it in my apps folder.

    I have literally been at this all day and i would love some help. Please.

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    Sounds like you need to re-mod your wii,

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    modmii , sorts most problems


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