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Thread: Black bars on the side of gamecube backups.

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    Black bars on the side of gamecube backups.

    So when I play Gamecube backups (Only Gamecube backups) I get 2 black bars one on the right and a thicker one on the left. I have all my settings set to Widescreen, my TV is on stretch and the commerical games don't do this. Any ideas?

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    i get the same thing when i play a backup of zelda on my wii and i have a wiikey installed...
    don't quite know why. i haven't really tried tinkering with it but if it's anything try changing the setting on the wii to full screen.....

    or the older format games are just made like that for full screen format that is.
    don't quite know myself but would like to for sure


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