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Thread: Error #002..again..

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    Error #002..again..

    I've searched a solution to this for 3 days now..and im soo pissed..I want to run bleach versus crusade without that stupid ive done:
    -installed ios 34,35,36,37,38,51,53,55(still it gives me the error 002)
    -ive found a guide which said to use wiiscrubber, generic patcher to modify a main.dolblah blah(ive done all this corectly and i got a black screen or another error but i noticed something when the black screen appeard the wiimote remained connected and usually when this happens the wiimote disconnects..whatever)
    My wii:firmware: 3.2E ios:all cios:36rev 7 oh and one more thing i used verbatim DVD+R not"-" i dont use"-"and all of my games worked great so far..and burned at 4x with img burn.CAN SOMEONE HELP ME?thx

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    not that it might be such help, but have you read

    Also, Are you using gamma to load backups?

    If so, Read this, and click the link under bleach versus

    Backup Launcher v3 - WikiTemp

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    no,originaly i wanted just to boot any wii game with any region directly from the disc channel just like that without any problems or complications or tons of loaders etc i also found a gecko os that fixes the 002 error but i still havent achived my dream..

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    I swear to you, it's a DVD+R issue. The DVD+R format could have weaked your laser to the point of not recognizing the disc already.

    You have everything, absolutely everything to make a disc work.

    Also, investigate your DVD recorder.

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  5. #5 dont really know how i did it but i installed starfall and after that i just inserted the bleach game and launched it from the disc channel and IT WORKED OMG and i dont even know anyway thx for your help..

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    I had the same issue until I switched to the softchip loader from backup loader. I havent had a prob yet. I have been using the ios 249 rev 7.

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    use error 002 fix gamma


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