I rented x-men destiny to see if I liked it enough to buy it. I have a soft-modded Wii that has been soft-modded for a year or two. I have never had any problems with the Wii, any games, or any homebrew apps that I wasn't able to either find an answer to in 10 min of searching google or just fixed myself. I wouldn't say I'm a noob at this but I'm definitely very close to that category. I currently have a 4.2 softmodded with the banner bomb and am Currently using rev. 4 of Hermes cIOS. I didn't upgrade to Rev. 4 until i had another problem with a different game like 6 months ago. But now when i try to play X-Men destiny either from the disk or from an image on the external hard drive, where all my own games are stored, I get the Exception (DSI) occured and the wii reboots after 5 seconds. Any help infiguring this out would be greatly appreciated. Please let me know what more information is needed.