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Thread: Help please cant install priiloader???

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    Help please cant install priiloader???

    I am new and have introduced myself. please remember im new at this. i followed the hack any wii guide for my new wii the black bundle that comes with mario.
    how do you get past the priiloader menu if your hacking the newest black wii on 4.3 with no gamecube plug ins. i hit B and PLUS and nothing happens with any buttons. I have also tried different versions of priiloader and now buttions on the remote work im using a older remote that works with the homebrew channel. Someone please help??? all steps were successful until priiloader???

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    Try this revision of priiloader

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pob3008 View Post
    Try this revision of priiloader
    ok thanks i will try and let you know i cant tell if it locks up because the old wiimote stays connected but no buttons will work so i cant tell but i will try it


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