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Thread: Priiloader install failed on 4.3u

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    Priiloader install failed on 4.3u

    Used EZ Wii Hacking guide by: homebrewpirate to softmod my Wii 4.3u and ran into trouble when I tried
    to install priiloader.

    This is what I can't get passed:
    "Priiloader system menu ticker not found/access denied.
    trying to read original ticket...
    Unauthorised to get ticket. is ios249 trucha signed?, aborting mission..."

    This is my first try at modding the Wii. I've done some reading and finally found the following info which looks
    like it could be the fix.

    "This means that IOS 36 isn't patched and that revision of IOS 249 means corrupt cIOS. You'd generally
    see a maxxed revision on IOS 250, not 249. Use anytitledeleter and remove IOS 249, 250. Also make sure
    you've got a trucha-enabled IOS 36. Make sure you're following a wiihacks Recommended Guide for

    I've read that deleting IOS's could Brick the Wii. Would appreciate any help in helping me
    acomplishing the procdure above.
    Thanks, Keikos

    I have the home brew channel working and I am able to load and play games installed on my external USB

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    We have seen so many guides outside of this site fail that we just plain do not support them. Follow the Softmod ANY Wii guide, link is below in my signature. It will get everything sorted for you, including priiloader. Since you already have the homebrew channel you can start at the part that says "Softmods with Homebrew Channel Installed".

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    Thanks cjizzle, I will give it a try.

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    cjizzle Followed your Guide and success! Thank you very much for the help.


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