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Thread: Bricked Wii, cant fix?!

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    Bricked Wii, cant fix?!

    hello Guys,

    After trying some stuff, this is my last resort.

    My Wii is bricked.

    When turned on the normal screen shows where you have to press the A button. After pressing or just letting this screen do its time. a black screen shows up with white letetrs saying:
    The Wii data is damaged. Please refer to manual for further information. (In Dutch language).

    What I tried ist he following.

    See if there is priiloader, but since it does not do anythign but startup to the startscreen where you press A, I'm assuming it does not have preloader.

    I press on and then imemdiately press Reset for approx 6 seconds or longer, does not work>

    This wii used to be softmodded with the HBC, but this was years ago, I do not know the exact programs used. But seems to me i cant get into priiloader.

    I have tried the following:

    Switch on wii, hold 4 diagonal on gaemcubepad. It showed my 4.1 version on the right lowr corner.
    I put in a original Zelda game, i did not see any updateprogess. But later I turned wii of and on and it showed 4.3 in right corner with previous method. So it seems to be updated.

    Still the same message about damaged files though.

    Then I tried this:

    But this does not start up when I boot my wii with sdcard inserted.
    I even set the settings with and without serial code.
    This is weird cause they say you dont need bootmi/priloader.

    Is there any way of ix my wii or should I throw it away since it only costs like 30 euro 2nd hand.

    EDIT: I have no backups or whatsoever.

    Would like to hear from you.

    Kind regards!
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    Moved to a more appropriate area. I can't help, but hope someone here can.

    If you have a NAND backup of the system, you may be able to send it to someone who has a NAND programmer to restore the backup. If not, it may be a 30 Euro paper-weight.

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    By sunday this shit is going in the rubbish.

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    Sell it for parts on eBay.

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    What's your Wii's serial number? Wondering how old it is; if it's boot2-capable (like six years old or older) there's a chance to recover it.

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    When you turn on the wii hold + and -, then press A while holding + and -. See if you can get into maintenance mode. Also check for priiloader, turn the wii off and remove all peripherals, then hold reset and power on the wii.
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