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    Backing up WBFS Folder

    I have soft modded my Wii and have an external USB drive setup. The USB drive has a WBFS folder and within it are my games.

    I'd like to move to a larger USB drive. Can I just copy the WBFS...
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    How to backup my Wii games to USB?

    I've followed the softmod any wii guide and have got it working. I've also got a USB drive that is formatted as fat32 and has a wbfs drive.

    I have an original Wii game DVD and was wondering how...
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    Softmod Any Guide - Regional ModPack

    I've completed the softmod any guide and installed the USA-ModPack-NTSC-U mod pack. I am running my backup games off an external USB drive and everything is working perfectly.

    This is a bit of a...
  4. How TO: Letterbomb Requires System Menu 4.3

    My Wii had a soft mod done years ago and has been sitting in the closet ever since. It currently has:homebrew version beta 9system menu - 4.1ubackup launcher - 0.3cios installer - 0.3With...
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