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  1. Guide to Determining What Version Wii After Opening

    OK. Here's the deal. I want to open up my Wii so I can see the board and find out 100% for sure what version Wii I have. I can't seem to find a guide on what indicators I should look for once it's...
  2. New Wii purchased on july 10 2008... will it blen--- er, mod?

    i'm just hoping for a little reassurance that if I buy a D2pro9 Rev2 chip at this point it will work for me.

    i don't want to find out a new board started shipping on july 1st or something. my...
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    Sticky: New Wii From July

    Hi, noob here.

    I just got a wii on July 8th. The serial is higher than I've seen so far anywhere online. I'm just wondering if anyone has had luck in modding a wii with a serial number somewhat...
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