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    Less Filling Vs. Tastes Great

    Thanks to all the great guides and people I've got my wii running again.

    Now I have a different question.

    Is there a way to make the games read memory from the SD card instead of the wii...
  2. hmmm

    Yes, I erroneously updated. Saw that 4.3 was bad, in my panic saw a post about downgrading and thinking that would work so I downgraded to 4.1<---My mistake. I do not bemoan the warnings, I just...
  3. just to clarify, In the softmod any wii guide it...

    just to clarify, In the softmod any wii guide it mentions to NOT downgrade before applying wads etc and mentions a vague warning about BRICKING. So I don't need to worry about this part and just...
  4. 222 = 0 249 = 0 Come back when you have some CIO Action

    My wii was happy and working. I had updated it well over a year ago and it worked without trouble. I accidentally updated to 4.3 and nothing but bad has happened since.

    When I tried to load GX I...
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