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  1. Home button problem while playing backup.

    I followed the Softmod Any Wii guide for 4.3U and it works like a charm. I play my backups through a pendrive formatted in FAT32 format with the backups in WBFS format.

    The issue:

    Once I'm done...
  2. Great! Thanks. :)

    Great! Thanks. :)
  3. SD Card for softmodding (Compatibility Query)

    The guide says a 1-2GB Sandisk card is highly recommended.

    I don't have one and can't seem to find a Sandisk card has a capacity of lesser than 4GB.

    I can, however, get a Transcend SD card...
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    Thanks kunparekh! I stay in Bangalore. So where...

    Thanks kunparekh! I stay in Bangalore. So where do you purchase your Wii games? The marts here don't appear to offer a lot of choices. :/
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    Thank you for that quick welcome. :) I did...

    Thank you for that quick welcome. :)

    I did read through MauiFrog's Guide and right in step 1, installing the home brew channel, 4.3u requires a disk exploit. I'm lost here, even if I do purchase...
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    Hello everyone!

    Greets from India!

    I got a hand-me-down Wii which works great except for one problem.

    It was initially purchased in the in the U.S (NTSC) and I live in India (PAL), so basic question, will...
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