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    i made a huge mistakes with my wii

    white wii 4.3u softmoded with letter bomb but i modded it wrong because now i cant seem to get into bootmii and all my ios are disabled and everytime i use dopmii it crashes with a code dump(i think...
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    Heyy everyone :d

    hello im somewhat new to modding wiis and made lots of mistakes :( but very eager to learn and fix the mess i made with my wii :D. nice too meet you all and seems liike a cool community unlike most...
  3. thanks alot and i will do that and i just...

    thanks alot and i will do that and i just noticed that i posted in the wrong section im sorry for that :)
  4. i think i made a lot of mistakes with modding my wii

    i little while back ive been starting with wii hacking i took it lightly and followed youtube videos [which i now know was a huge mistake] and misses alot of important thinks like backing up my nand...
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