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  1. Update to 4.2u did nothing

    I bit the bullet and updated to 4.2. NSMB bca patched still reboots the wii, but no other disk does. Could this really just be a bad wasabi dx?

    Other things to try? Would a system format help? ...
  2. Could this be the problem?

    I continue to struggle with the issue of the exclusive reboots on NSMB. I don't think it's related to media or image, as I've tried several types/methods, all of which have worked on previous...
  3. Wasabi dx works on almost all backups, but reboots on NSMB

    My new wasabi dx was installed and updated to 3.0. It sees and plays all other backups that I created for use with a D2pro (which the wasabi took the place of).

    Here's what I've done:

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