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  1. There are two "continuations" of Monkey Island...

    There are two "continuations" of Monkey Island (new releases) in WiiWare, but I haven't played them yet. However, I'm pretty sure you can run the originals (plus other classics, like Day of the...
  2. RE: cIOS 249

    Actually, Dop IOS v7 uses cIOS 249, so don't get rid of it.

    And I'd have to disagree to some extent about the WiiWare. It's all a matter of how much time you have to devote to playing games. If...
  3. you beat me to it!

    messie, I was just going to suggest that!

    One last thing: if you want to know what IOSes you have on your system, just print the log text file that Hackmii generates when it installs. You could...
  4. The Hackmii installer can uninstall anything it...

    The Hackmii installer can uninstall anything it installs. I'd use it to uninstall DVDx and the Homebrew Channel.

    Looks like you just created a "minimalistic" tutorial for Wii hacking! :)
  5. restoring back to normal

    I hear you about making things reversible. For one thing, when new versions of the Wii are released with things like HDMI output and more internal memory, I might want to sell the one I've got and...
  6. Sorry, I can't help you there, since my system...

    Sorry, I can't help you there, since my system already had patched IOSes, and I was mostly trying to clean it up.

    But I think you might be confusing "downgrading" (i.e., downgrading your entire...
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    Minimalistic setup

    I was asking myself this very same question a couple of days ago. :)

    I settled on what (for me) is the simplest setup: combination of modchip and softmod.

    You might not want to use a modchip,...
  8. Thread: help please

    by sweetzen

    you might try Dop IOS v7

    You might be able to run some apps using IOS249, but that still won't let you play backup copies of games. If you want to do that, you're going to need Trucha patches IOSes.

    One way to get the...
  9. figured it out

    Alright, I've only tested it with a few WiiWare titles, but it appears that all I need to do is download IOS60, v6174 with Dop IOS, and when it asks if I want to apply the Sig Hash Check, say "yes."...
  10. Using Dop IOS instead of TBR

    I'm searching for the same answer (basically, I'll explain more):

    I had major problems with cIOScorp and decided to install a modchip to play DVD backups. However, I'd also like to play backed up...
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    I'll second the "no return" comment

    cIOScorp changes the revision number of most of your system IOSes to 0xffff*, meaning they can no longer be upgraded or downgraded through normal means (they must be written over, by something like...
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    sounds logical to me

    WiiConnect24 only works if the Wii is connected to the internet. If your friend hasn't connected his to the internet yet, WiiConnect24 is going to advise him to set up his internet connection. This...
  13. Hackmii won't load after hacked Wii is "re-virginized"

    I posted something about this in this tutorial, but Dogeggs suggested that I might want to post the fix, in case someone else needs it.

    The Issue: After performing what I thought was a complete...
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    Sticky: updating the softmod pack

    I'm not sure what's changed by these updates, but HackMii Installer v0.3 and WAD Manager v1.5 are updates of what's in your softmod pack.

    Oh, and lest I forget, thanks for this excellent...
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    using stickies as a subject search

    Thanks for this!

    Personally, I find that for noobs (such as myself) a forum search is often a waste of time. The reason? It starts from a blatantly false assumption: it assumes that threads are...
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    Introduction and question

    Greetings, and thanks to all the people who make WiiHacks possible. I am not just new to this, but to consoles in general... so a noob twice over. :)

    I have gone through the 4.1 softmodding...
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