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    whats the point of 2 USB ports wii?

    Seriously why did nintendo create 2 USB ports (Wii)? when we can "only use the closest one to the edge"
    was it an accident, did they have a drunk guy adding the USB ports? he obviously didn't tell...
  2. of course thankyou, I had a feeling it was'nt...

    of course thankyou, I had a feeling it was'nt those aliens

    small question while installing the system menu wad to remove priloader.

    will I lose ALL my current Homebrew installation's + my apps...
  3. Priloader autoboot's, when I know autoboot is disabled

    I've recently installed and as far as I know uninstalled priloader (Using the simple method of deleting, uninstalling the file in homebrew" for some reason it auto boots every time I turn my wii on....
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    sweet thankyou :)

    sweet thankyou :)
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    they're ripped from my disc's, original format,...

    they're ripped from my disc's, original format, my drive is FAT32.

    Probably the most obvious answer would be convert them.

    to what?
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    Error Copying My Back-up Games.

    I've managed to backup most of my games but when I attempt to copy them to my flashdrive (16gb) I get an error "The file is to large" . Makes no sense these 4gb files fail to copy to my 16gb flash...
  7. I have used Soft-mod ANY Wii but having trouble with WiiMC..

    the tutorial worked great, multiple ways to play my backup games but wiiMC refuses to load my movies from the usb..

    In the passed b4 I used the guide I had no issues..

    I would prefer loading my...
  8. I'll re-mod using the guide. report once I've...

    I'll re-mod using the guide.

    report once I've completed the process.


    actually I have a few more questions..

    can I install letter bomb over an existing installation?
  9. what are the steps on re-installing my backup NAND?

    when I first installed letter bomb I had a look on the net, downloaded Neo Gamma, MPlayer TT, a usb loader, and a few others.
    I had loaded everything via mmm. easy as "happy days"...
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    Installed Neo gamma NO cios

    I've copied about 2 of my old games & wanna play the backups

    I hope you guys/girls can understand my noOb language.

    1. I have the === NeoGamma R9 Beta 56 - NGBT.WAD === installed to my WAD file...
  11. good point don't mind me I'm just noobN hard ;)

    good point
    don't mind me I'm just noobN hard ;)
  12. I need info installing hb apps the right way

    I got my wii about 1month ago. installed letterbomb installed neogamma (backup discs worked great) then a few days latter neogamma would not work.
    after that I installed geko but no dice. stupidly I...
  13. Thread: hi all

    by wellsy50

    hi all

    heya peeps
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