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    Error 002 Fix- and or overcame!

    I recently helped a mate with Softmodding his Wii, and after the Dogeggs 3.1-4.1 guide was followed to the letter. We installed a copy of USB Loader GX and plugged in my HDD to test the Wii.

  2. Australian Wii Hacker in the House- They call me MULGA!

    HI All,

    I have been a long time viewer first time blogger. BUt now i feel i have some skills to share!

    I Origionally hacked my first Wii thanks to Dogeggs great guide 2 years ago, SInce then i...
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    INstall Game Via Usb Loader

    Assuming you have the Disc and it is asking you to update your Wii, Load up USB Loader and make sure Parent Controls are unlocked, and insert the game disc (Or click on the Plus Sign on the Bottom...
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