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  1. Can't add with Vista either

    Update: I tried to add the same compressed iso to my HD with Vista and WBFS mgr... again, no dice. So I am guessing that the files are corrupt, or that because they are pre-scrubbed (end up with...
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    This worked for me

    I don't know if you've tried this, but when my remote fails to connect during Priiloader, I just simply turn off the wii (NOT unplug it, use power button), and then turn it back on, and behold, it...
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    An introvert's hello

    Hey all.

    Been lurking here for about 110 days... so busy reading up that I have not taken the time to post until tonight.

    Thanks for this amazing forum. By far the most helpful information I...
  4. Loading scrubbed iso to HD on Mac issues

    I promise I have tried, for 3 days, to search for the answer both here and through Google... seems like the closest answers for this are for PC users.

    I have 4.2u and successfully soft-modded, run...
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