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    Ok, Hmmm? thank for what ever that is suppose to...

    Ok, Hmmm? thank for what ever that is suppose to mean, i looed and searched and could not find an answer to my problem, most of the links there does not even start with my system the 4.2 link has my...
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    RB2 DLC NAND emulater Uloader

    Ok, so heres the deal,

    My Wii:
    - 4.2 softmod
    - Hermes V4
    - use cfg usb
    - neogamma for disc's

    i have rock band 2 and did the purchased trick to have all song on the store, after downloading...
  3. While dumping not getting Part1, part2, etc.

    Hi all, little new to the wii scene, im trying to dump my game to an sdcard, 2gb size, and according to all instuctions i seen i should be getting a Part1, part2, part3 Etc, files on sdcard after...
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