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    USBLoader GX PAL prob-- HELP PLZ!!!

    Okay... so i know someones gonna read this post and shun me for not using the "search" function... but ive done googled my brains out...

    trying to play Okami PAL backup on me HDD.. ive got both a...
  2. :'( *gulp* ill try right now... oh my god!! i...

    :'( *gulp* ill try right now...

    oh my god!! i cant believe it!! the new cable thing worked!!!
    i cant even begin to express how much i love you right now!!

    my god... it was all so simple......
  3. Neither computer nor wii will recognize my partitioned WD HDD!!

    lordy lordy oh please somebody help me!!
    as of this mornin, my wii nor my computer any longer recognizes my western devices usb hard drive.. the light on the HD aint even turnin on...

    so here are...
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    see if this helps..

    if you dont already have it, try installing the latest cios38 (right now i think its cios38rev17[google it]) and if that didnt help, DL r899.dol (google it)
    if ya dont know how to use the .dol, if...
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