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    Questions questions.

    Guess I suck at searching cause I haven't found definative answers for my specific questions so here goes:

    I ran through this guide up until D5 step as I have no desire to use USB devices or media...
  2. I do believe I saw your post, and the posts of...

    I do believe I saw your post, and the posts of others, reagarding this same issue. Alas I have yet to find an answer or, more importantly, a resolution.

    I hope I am giving enough info reagrding...
  3. running..err walking through 4.2 softmod guide.

    I'm getting quite burnt out on much of this, 3 days in and I have more questions than answers. I'm being very carful with this as I do not have money to burn on a new/working Wii console :D

    So I...
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    The newbiest newbie noob.


    After a hundred and one days, I am introducing myself.
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