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  1. Thanks playerkp420...

    Thanks playerkp420

    I tried splitting the large .wbfs files with Wii Backup Fusion and can't figure out how to load 2+ split .iso files onto the FAT HD using Wii Backup Fusion OR WBFS for Mac0S X. ...
  2. .wbfs games files to play on Wii using my Mac??????

    Great forum here! I keep coming back to this forum searching and learning how to hack my wii using my Mac OS 10.6.8.

    I scoured the internet and forums for any software or process solutions for...
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    converting .wbfs to iso on Mac then copy to HDD

    I have a hacked Wii and I only use Macs. I'm kinda noobi to all this hackery. I have a formatted HD to FAT32 and I was able to successfully load and play .iso wii games from it. I used...
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