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  1. help!!!!!!!!!!!!

    i know i'm not in the right section of the forum , but i hope that someone can help me. i ' ve got neogamma v7 and i think cIOS 249 and my wii version is 4.2E .well , the problem is that when i put...
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    HEEEEEEEEEEEEEELP!!!! i got neogamma v7 and i burned and brickblocked PES 2010 and when i insert the game in and open neogamma and load the game the screen turns black and says: the disk could not be...
  3. thanks

    i know about preloader but , i found another much easier way. type RegoinFrii in google and see. However , thanks for answering me.:D
  4. thanks

    thanks and yes i ment wii motion plus.but is there a way to play wii sports resort without this?
  5. thanks , but...

    thanks . my neogamma loaded the game but before i start playing it asked my to put a kind of a case to my wii remote.(i've watched all the boring video with the wii remote case).and done everything...
  6. How do i make my homebrew enabled european wii region-free?

    hi guys! i want a wii game so much (pes 2010) and i found it on pirate bay on NTSC . can someone give me a guide for making my PAL wii region-free?

    Thanks , gstav1997
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    Thank you so much

  8. Thread: hi guys!!!

    by gstav1997

    hi guys!!!

    i have a few questions and problems about hacking your wii(homebrew channel/wad manager on 4.2E).i'll also post a question later.i know much about wii and i can help someone who has a problem.
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