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    Thanks eveyone for the welcome and the great...

    Thanks eveyone for the welcome and the great info. This site and the Ladys and Gents that run it make something easy that would ordinarily be dam near impossible.. THANKS AND KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK.
  2. Thanks

    Thanks for the help I got passed the problem.
  3. Wii connect 24 EULA/ do i have to accept it to soft mod?

    Just bought a Wii from the pawn shop ( 4.2 U) , the Connect 24 EULA has never been accepted. Do I have to accept the EULA? I want to softmod but eveything I read says to turn off the Connect 24 since...
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    Hello and Ga'day !!!!!

    Hello Wii hacks community,

    MY is Brian and I am a noobie, < almost feels like an AA meting :) >
    Just getting started with the softmod and have a ton questions, Have been looking thru guides and...
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