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    Sticky: Just to wrap this up, here is the result again...

    Just to wrap this up, here is the result again (this time in English) with sysCheck v2.1.0b19, the newest version. I have not modified my Wii in any way and, as you can see, the HBC is indeed 1.1.0....
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    Sticky: Please review my system check

    Here is my system check (it is in Spanish; any way I can configure sysCheck to generate it in English?).

    I followed mauifrog's guide to the dot; does it look OK?

    sysCheck v2.1.0b17 por...
  3. Change location of wbfs directory under WiiFlow

    Quick one: is there any way to change the configuration of WiiFlow, so that all games are located (when backing up and when playing) on a different directory, other than /wbfs? I would like to move...
  4. Jerky movement in Avatar loaded from WiiFlow

    [First question on this forum. Sorry for any mistakes on my part.]

    I have a black Wii, which I hacked following the great "Softmod Any Wii" guide by mauifrog (thanks!). Everything works great and...
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    Hello from Chile

    Hello everyone. I recently bought a new traditional black Wii for my kids, but I think I have had more fun hacking with it than they have had playing games... :D

    Thanks to everyone who has worked...
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