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    Thanks for the response SNES_Master. I understand...

    Thanks for the response SNES_Master. I understand that the game itself won't be installed on the wii itself and that it is just a forwarder channel, but that is exactly that I am trying to do. I'm...
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    Gamecube games from SD card as Wii Channels

    Very simple question but I've seem to not be getting any answers anywhere.

    Basically, how do you make Wii Channels (or I guess you can say GameCube Channels) from the GameCube games on your sd...
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    Cut-Scenes freeze when using DIOS MIOS

    When I try to play Gamecube games from my SD card, anytime a video (or I guess you can say a cut-scene) is playing, it freezes. Of course I can always skip the videos but any explanation why the game...
  4. The possibility of installing wii channels from actual wii disc

    One more question that I have for you all,

    Is it possible to insert a wii disc, and extract it to a wii channel so you don't need the disc in order to play it?
  5. Are you sure? People were able to put wii games...

    Are you sure? People were able to put wii games as channels in the actual wii.
  6. How do I make a back-up of a Gamecube game (that is on a USB) on my wii?

    I have homebrew, I have usb loader, I have all that stuff.

    Recently, me and my cousin finally managed to get GameCube iso files to play on the wii (from the DIOS MIOS GameCube app) so now when I...
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