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    Hey all :) Thanks for the replies, guys! Also,...

    Hey all :) Thanks for the replies, guys! Also, thanks for the guide, Jax, but I keep getting an invalid thread error. Seeing as this seems to be a valid link, I might as well notify the admin like it...
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    One last question....

    Alright, about 2 years ago, I almost softmodded my wii. Then I wimped out like a baby. Well, Now I'm back with a vengeance. Ok, not really, but anywaaaayy.... I have one last question before I use...
  3. Okay, thanks, I was gonna try a small hack...

    Okay, thanks, I was gonna try a small hack requiring me to extract a save to my sd card, edit the save on my computer, and use saveinstaller to put it back on my wii.
  4. Well, I've searched, and concluded its safe to ask this.....

    Allright, im allways verry catious on what I do, I have everything I need for the homebrew channel, gonna install it and the homebrew browser later.

    Anyways, is savegame extractor and savegame...
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    Hello guys

    Hey guys, as you can see by my username, I am poolshark173 (well, on the

    internet, at least), and I like video games, and computers, and a couple

    other outside activities durring the summer....
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