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  1. I panicked when none of my games would load in...

    I panicked when none of my games would load in the disc channel. I tried using Gecko and NeoGamma to open them, but that did not work. So, I want to remove my mods so that that disc channel works...
  2. Need help unmodding and my disk drive won't recognize games.

    As the title suggests, I want out.

    When I modded using the LetterBomb version I also installed some programs. I installed : NeoGamma (R8 RC3), Gecko (, WAD Manager (1.7),...
  3. Game will only launch via Gecko and not from anywhere else. Help?


    I recently soft modified (soft-modded) my 4.3 Wii using HackMii to install BootMii and The Homebrew Channel. Afterwards, I installed ISO236, via The Homebrew Channel. Then, I installed...
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    What's up everyone!

    Hello everyone. It's great to be here and I look forward to working in the forum and with the users.

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