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  1. newibie here eddie3 ,priiloader problem no hacks found !

    wii 4.0u try to update,i install softmod 30-4.1 banner v1, mmm58-61hackmiibb1zip mirror. iinstall wads homebrew channel and backup nands,format sd ,installed modpack-ntsc-uzip and iso all...
  2. i introduce my self,is this !!Softmods with...

    i introduce my self,is this !!Softmods with HOMEBREW CHANNEL installedIf you already have a softmod with HBC installed, you can update your softmod with this guide.

    Note: 4.3 wiis can skip...
  3. do i have to install iso60 patch first, it says...

    do i have to install iso60 patch first, it says 250 blocks for patch 60, how many for priloader ?
  4. Thread: love the site !

    by eddie3

    love the site !

    hi i'm eddie3 love the site i join the site a year ago ,i asked for one thing !! got very very good support !!
  5. i think i mess up, and can't title this thread for some reason

    i have wii 4.0u ser.#lu64, i installed homebrew channel, but i didn't install ios60-patched or priiloader,i got cool feet !!i didn't want to brick,so i didn't install them, it been a year,playing off...
  6. Thread: dvd error 1142

    by eddie3

    dvd error 1142

    25 games in but last 4 game read dvd error 1142,last game to work was new mario bros ,but it stops with a error reading while playing, first 25 games still work !!need help my menu 4.0u lu 64 !i want...
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