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  1. Sticky: Yesssssss !!!!! It's aliveeeeeeeee!!!!!! My...

    Yesssssss !!!!! It's aliveeeeeeeee!!!!!! My wii ........... It's aliveeeeeeeee!!!!!!

    Thank you ......!! Mauifrog
  2. Sticky: yes!!! work !!! now install the HBC and bootmii?...

    yes!!! work !!! now install the HBC and bootmii? with the files in sd card ?or i need use the file in guide:softmod any WII.

  3. Sticky: sd not found

    mauifrog: the method Swapdisc-PWNS is working ,using Dora- Crystal Kingdom ,now in te SSBB stage bluider put the sd card but cant recognizing sd card . show me : SD CARD 0.

    what is the problem ,i...
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