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    Homebrew empty screen problem

    hello everybody, i have a little problem with the Homebrew Channel on two Wii's..

    These wiis have 4.2U version, and I think that's not the problem..
    OK, here we go.. I followed the Shadowsonic...
  2. oK !!!! ;) thanks!!!!!!!!!, i'm going to try...

    oK !!!! ;) thanks!!!!!!!!!, i'm going to try Shadowsonic Guide... right back..
  3. "new" wii 4.2 version can't onstall wad manager

    Hey, first of all, sorry about my bad english, 'cause i'm from Argentina...
    Here we go.. I have a client that sent to me a Nintendo Wii updated to Ver. 4.2 without HBC, etc...
    First, I install the...
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